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  • Blizzard Black Pearl 88

    kr 8 499

    If you are looking for a ski that rips on groomers and cuts through crud but won’t bog you down in fresh snow, the Black Pearl 88 is your tried and true.

  • Blizzard Brahma 88

    kr 8 999

    We define all-mountain as a skier who doesn’t color in the lines. It’s more of a philosophy, a sense of freedom to ski whereever you want on the mountain.

  • Blizzard Hustle 11

    kr 10 499

    We’ve all heard the old “no friends on a powder day” adage, but we’d like to come out and say that that’s BS. We think the best days should be shared with the best people, and when you’re venturing out into the backcountry to get the goods, make sure you have the best skis under your feet, too.

  • Blizzard Pearl Jr+Fdt Jr

    kr 2 799

    Pearl JR for jenter har en myk og jevn flex, et robust topplag og kommer i åtte forskjellige lengder (70-140 cm)

  • Blizzard Pearl Jr+Fdt Jr

    kr 2 499

    Å ha det gøy i bakken er det det handler om. Så det å ha en ski som er enkel å håndtere og spesielt designet for spirende unge skiløpere, gjør en stor forskjell for læringen og utviklingen av en lidenskap for ski.

  • Blizzard Rustler 10

    kr 8 999

    Some folks would have you believe that the one-ski quiver is a myth, but the Rustler 10 would beg to differ.

  • Blizzard Rustler Team

    kr 4 999

    With the Rustler Team, junior freeriders will be able to chase the lines of their dreams. At 92 mm underfoot and available in three sizes, the Rustler Team is an energetic, versatile ski that is built to send it from top to bottom, through any terrain the groms feel inspired to tackle.

  • Blizzard Zero G 95

    kr 9 499

    The Zero G 95 was the ski of choice for ski mountaineers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison to conquer their epic, first descent on the world’s highest, biggest line—the Lhotse Couloir on 27,940-foot Lhotse peak in Nepal’s Himalayas.